Friday, September 21, 2012

Krystal, 30, Southern IL

 Hi Friends!  I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER but there's a special link up going on at Kelly's Korner that got me to finally do it today!  She is hosting a Singles Friday where people will link up with a post about themselves or a single friend.  Sounds a little silly I know, but she has had FIVE people get married from doing this.  FIVE people!  This is serious business!  And there is nobody I'd like to see more end up with the man of her dreams than my friend Krystal!  Here she is looking beautiful at her suprise 30th birthday party! (She's the one in the green dress).

So let me tell you a little about my friend :)  We met and became friends in a little bit of an awkward way.  She was engaged to my brother-in-law who I love dearly but he did not treat her right.  Regardless of that, we stayed friends after their break up and I am so thankful God brought her into my life.   

This girl is awesome!  She has a love for life and her family and friends that is undeniable.  She is a labor and delivery nurse which is her dream job and I know she loves it.  My favorite times with Krystal are when we sit around and do nothing but eating candy and junk food and watching mindless TV.  We seriously can waste an entire day doing this and have many times!  Don't mistake this for laziness....She is a hardworker - not only is she a nurse who works full time on night shift but she also works a second job as a waitress - she is always busy working - but I'm sure she'd rather be busy getting married and making babies!  That's just not been in God's plan for her yet but I know the day is coming for her! 

When's she not working or being lazy watching TV, she loves to get dressed up and go out.  She is so outgoing and always up for anything (especially if it involves sushi).  She is the girl I call when I want somebody to tag along with me to something because as long as she's free she will always go.  And I love having her company!  Even if it's just getting groceries with me, she's up for it and let me tell you, she makes it fun! 

I remember when she was first dating my brother-in-law and I was scoping her out on MySpace (does anybody remember that still?), the number one thing that stood out to me about her was her love for 90210!  Haha...No seriously it was her love for her family and friends.  I could tell she had a ton of poeple in her life that loved her.  She has 2 sisters and they are all very close.  Her family is number one to her and I love that.  Her family is super sweet by the way and would make anyone feel comfortable around them.   I'm pretty sure Krystal talks to her mom and/or sisters on the phone most days even though she doesn't live by them anymore.  You see she's kind of stuck in Southern IL fulfilling a contract with our local hospital because they paid for her school.  She's originally from Evansville, IN and I'm sure would move back if she had the chance.  I'm working hard to keep her here though :)  She also has a HUGE group of friends from high school and college that still get together any chance they have and I think that says a lot about her character and the kind of friend she is. 

Speaking of being a good friend - She helped throw me an awesome baby shower - which happened to fall right in the middle of the ugly break up with my brother-in-law but Krystal kept right on with the planning and still came to the shower with all of her ex's family being there.  I'm sure that was not easy for her but it meant so much to me. 

She has such a great personality and is so easy to be around.  I'm pretty sure she could carry on a conversation with a wall :)  She is great with children.  My daughter absolutely loves her and any little kid I've ever seen with her does too!  Here they are together at her party. 

I have been trying to fix Krystal up for years with no luck yet so maybe, just maybe this will be the time I'll succeed.  This girl deserves somebody who will treat her with respect and I know without a doubt that she will do everything she can to give him respect back and I promise that you will have fun with her no matter what!  Oh and she doesn't know I'm doing this although I threatened it earlier in the week! 

Love you Krystal!

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  1. LOVE this!!! And I'd totally be okay if the guy of her dreams that she found through this lives in Owensboro, KY. ;) Sorry, Deana! haha